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Helpful Info

Imprint Options

1. Silkscreen

The most common imprint method Works best for graphics having up to four colors

2. Laser Engraving

Works best on metal and plastic drives Most durable – won't wear off with heavy use

3. Digital Printing

Used for complex graphics where full color is required

4. Epoxy Dome

A raised appliqué which can be applied to certain drives

5. Deboss

A method used on our leather drives to create an imprint

6. Emboss

A raised "relief" of the imprint – only available on certain PVC drives
Artwork Guidelines

We are able to accept artwork in the following formats:

Adobe Illustrator® - Convert type to outline, paths or curves, or include necessary fonts. Macromedia Freehand® - Convert type to "curves" and export file to "Adobe Illustrator EPS" format. Adobe Photoshop® - PSD, PICT or TIFF images cannot be used as artwork and must be redrawn into vector format (line art). Additional art charges may apply for redrawing. Corel Draw® - Export files to "Adobe Illustrator Ai" format and choose the "Convert Type to Curves" option. Placed/imported images do not convert, so please include as separate files and not embedded. QuarkXPress® - EPS, PICT or TIFF placed images do not convert, include as separate files and not embedded.

We CANNOT accept the following formats for artwork:

Adobe PageMaker, Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint, Word or any other non-vector format.
Data Upload Policy

1. File(s) can be provided via email or a file sharing service such as SendBigFiles, WeTransfer, etc.

2. Upon receipt, Flash Drives Plus will provide the distributor with a screenshot of the file name(s) to confirm that all files were received. The screenshot must be approved before the order can go into mass production.

3. It is the sole responsibility of the distributor to supply Flash Drives Plus with the content for data uploads. Flash Drives Plus does not alter customer provided files or create new content. Flash Drives Plus is not responsible for any errors in customer supplied data upload files, so please make sure everything has been proofed prior to sending.

Tip: You can mock-up a flash drive data upload by simply copying files to any blank USB drive to see how it will perform. Additionally, if time and cost permit, you can request a pre-production sample for an additional charge.

4. Unless we are instructed otherwise all data uploads will be placed on the root of the drive and will be erasable.

5. Any special instructions and/or expectations pertaining to data uploads must be sent in writing to Flash Drives Plus at the same time that the data upload file(s) are sent.